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Facts & Data

Printing Areas


Data formats
Vector EPS data from the following programs can be processed: Corel Draw 12, Adobe Illustrator CS 2, Macromedia Freehand MX. Furthermore writing must be converted to paths (curves).

Minimum line width for­ silkscreen and pad print
Due to the limitations in printing technology, the line width may not be smaller than 0.18 mm.

Photographs for label print, doming or LipBox
Photographs are to be supplied with a resolution of at least 300 dpi TIFF (CMYK) in original size. To minimise colour variation, a colour print should be enclosed with the order.

Print tolerances
In silkscreen printing the gauge-pins tolerances for multicoloured prints can lie at up to +/– 0.3 mm. In pad printing these to­lerances lie at up to +/– 0.1 mm.

Colour details for printing
We kindly request that all details for colour printing are supplied in Pantone or HKS.


Special Colours


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